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Mrs. Bobo is a foolish ditzy child-treater royal mother. her son, King Juan el Bobo, can’t live without her, both psychically and mentally. he is a severe mommas boy and at this rate as an ADULT his independent and memory status will only drop further without her guidance. No matter how much Dora, Boots or anyone tries to help him, he will still end up in the same boat in another episode. Mommy Bobo treats her son like he is still 5, part of the reason for his mommy’s boy bond with her. She is often referred to as “The King’s Mommy”, but her name is speculated to be Mrs. Bobo, or for proper use, Mommy Bobo. First name is unknown. Her husband‘s whereabouts are unknown and is probably why partly the king is the way he is because there was never a father figure in his life. In some episodes, she will appear with brown hair and other grey, which will make her look younger/older. She bares no grandkids because her son isn’t married like you’d think from the start of seeing him. Surely she can’t go a day without seeing him either but does get annoyed with him in the simplest things he could do himself. Perhaps the Bobos should live in a royal nuthouse where they could see each other 24/7 and Dora and co. will never see them again. Without Mommy Juan will surely spontaneously combust wherever he is at and anyone could or could not see this happen in front of them. Her voice also sounds like a mother and a little kid son or daughter. “¡Mi hijo es mi vida!”


  • in some appearances in Dora, her hair is noticeably grey. But in another appearance, it is brown (which makes her look younger). Why this it cannot exactly be determined. It is not sure if it’s an animation error or if they did that intentionally to give her a makeover to look younger or older.