Dora the Explorer Fanon Wiki

King Juan el Bobo is a childish, immature, foolish, forgetful, and most of all, mommy’s boy king who‘s life is so pathetic and dependant on his mom that he can’t to a thing for himself even as an adult… it is unknown why he is even king unless something happened to his dad. Bobo and mom are very close. VERY. He can’t go one full day without her. He can’t even get a thing he wants that would be an inch away from him without calling for mom to get it for him. Even mom would get ill at him by then. One of the worst mamas boys let alone for a KIDS’ SHOW. he will never remember certain things no matter how much Dora, Boots or whoever will remind him of it. without mom, he will die. he can’t feed himself, probably, nor clean or get ready for bed, or keep himself safe against any enemy or attacker or etc after him (he can’t remember how to get swiper to stop swiping either!). He isn’t wed to a wife like you’d think in the beginning, nor have any children in his royal throne. overall an overgrown kid who should’ve never been king and just stuck with being a plain mommas boy. How sad and Pathetic. What will happen when his mom isn’t around to save him from someone sinister? He can’t save his own life right? Gotta be one of the saddest and most pathetic things EVER. no one can last a minute around him without being annoyed and driven insane by his constant begging for his mommy to the individual. If he doesn’t like the said person or etc, he will cry for her even more and run around in circles and down where he’ll get lost. He can get murdered, severly injured, can starve to death since once again he dose the know how to feed himself, doesn’t know what do to if bit by something or caught in a storm, contracts a disease or get captured by etc. he won’t know anything of self-defense or the number to call during an emergency and will never remember it if told so. he won’t know how to help others either. Even do a simple thing like taking care of sick people or homeless or just people in general and also to say hi. he will likely forget that word, too. he can’t save the world in any way so count him out in anything. He dose not know to take shelter during a storm or what to do in case of a fire or tornado or etc. he can’t tell what places are good and bad and what to stay away from or not. The only person to guide him? His MOOOOOOOMMMMY… the King will die, no kidding either, without her. At least he is a nice person we suppose, but he doesn’t know what to do to simply greet the person except for saying “¡Hola!” in his nationality. He is as bad (maybe sometimes worse) than a typical toddler or little kid having a fit, too. Note to selves: mamas boys are bad influences especially here. forgive him his weakness but he doesn’t know why. Without Mommy it’s hard to survive. too bad, we go now. “¡Adios Mami’s Muchacho!”