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Note: Dora is absent in this episode

Benny: Hola. Soy Benny el Toro.

Senor Toucan: Hello. My name is Senor Toucan.

Benny: Senor Toucan and I are playing a little game.

Senor Toucan: Le estoy enseñando a Benny el toro a hablar español. Ese es el juego.

Benny: He's helping me learn spanish, and I'm helping him learn english. We'll teach it to each other, and we will teach you too. Want to give it a try? (Senor toucan shakes yes and Benny looks at him) I know YOU want to. I was asking them. (Turns to viewers) So, ready to play the game?

(3 seconds later)

Benny: Great.

Senor Toucan: Vamos a la selva amigo. Let's go.

Benny: Vamanos, Amigo. Dora isn't going to be in this episode today. So we're going to have to do our best without her and Boots.

Senor Toucan: Sí es cierto. Ahora debemos ponernos en marcha.

Benny: Are you ready to go to the Jungle with us? (Senor toucan shakes yes and Benny looks at him) Senor Toucan, I know YOU'RE ready, but I was asking them. (Turns to viewers) So, ready to go see the jungle?

(3 seconds later)

Benny: Ok. Let's do this.

Senor Toucan: Si! Vamos!

Benny: Wait. We need to figure out how to get to the jungle.

Map: (Hops into the scene) Don't worry. I'm here. I'll get you to the Jungle, but first, Benny, you and Senor Toucan grab me, then get them (Viewers) to say map.

Senor Toucan: Está bien. Pero voy a tener que quedarme afuera porque no hablo mucho inglés.

Benny: True that, I'm going to have to teach you. Now. (Turns to viewers) As for you guys, say Map. (3 seconds) Louder! (3 Seconds more)

Map: Great work!! (Map's song plays with the fiesta trio singing the whole song)